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Tax Planning & Preparation

We successfully develop and implement tax plans with respect to the sale of businesses, divorces and family law disputes, wills and estates, and various other business use cases. We understand that your ultimate goal is the maximization of personal and family wealth and tailor our tax plans to meet your needs. Our firm is unique in that we deal with a variety of circumstances all of which we are able to understand implications of wealth and tax planning and how best to plan and strategize in order to give you the best tax outcome possible.

personal tax (T1)

Personal tax returns come in many shapes and sizes. Rennie Financial works with business owners and high net-worth individuals and their families to ensure that tax filings are not only prepared accurately, but also in the most tax efficient manner possible. We also ensure that the many tricks and traps of tax planning are avoided well in advance of preparing your personal tax returns. Tax planning is an essential part of the tax compliance process that is often overlooked, and we work hard to ensure that your tax situation is optimized so that you pay the least amount of tax possible each year.

corporate tax (T2)

As most businesses in Canada are operated through corporations, income tax planning at the corporate level is an essential part of any family’s wealth planning strategy. We work with clients at various stages of business, from initial incorporation, to mature operating businesses, and to legacy investment holding companies. Careful tax planning is required at all stages in order to minimize the overall tax burden on a company and its shareholders. We work with business owners throughout the year to come up with various strategies to minimize or optimize taxes.

Trust and Other Tax Filings (T3, T5013, T4, T5, etc)

We provide a full spectrum of tax compliance services, from partnership returns, trust returns, and all information returns (T4, T5, etc.). The world of tax compliance is evolving constantly and the ability to identify compliance needs before they become tax leakages or attract penalties is essential. Our team of professionals will help you determine what is needed in your specific circumstances.

Financial Statements
and Year-End Reconciliations

Whether you run your organization as a sole proprietorship, incorporated company, or partnership, having solid and meaningful financial statements is essential for any business. Our team will help you prepare financial statements or compiled financial information (CSRS 4200) that meet the needs of management and key stakeholders.


Interested in obtaining bank financing or preparing for a future sale? If so, reviewed financial statements are likely essential to you and your business. Our team of professionals will help you identify if this is necessary and/or advisable in your particular situation